Candy Sales VS Car Wash Fundraisers

Are you the coach, the youth pastor or adult advisor for a nonprofit kids soccer team, Little League team, cheerleading squad, high school band or church youth group? If you are you realize that it is very important that you raise the money you need to keep your group going. The goal is to give our youth a chance to spend their energy in positive activities. The goal is very noble and so vitally important to strengthen our communities. bg avtomobili

But what is the best way to raise money? How can we raise money for our groups in such a way that teaches them about customer service, the value of money and teamwork? We know we cannot just give the kids the money because then they will not respect it and that is the same is giving a man a fish rather than teaching them to fish.

So let me put out a hypothetical question which is the better fund raiser; Candy Sales VS Car Wash Fundraisers? With candy sales we are teaching the kids salesmanship and perhaps teaching and that eating lots of sugar is good, of course we all know that eating too much sugar is not good.

With car wash fundraisers we are teaching them hard work ethic, respect for the money, service to the customer, sales, water conservation and quality control. With all that said perhaps you should re-think your next fundraiser and consider doing a car wash? Please consider all this in 2006.

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